• Opening of new “Cinesplash5D” attraction in China

    February 2015

    Attraktion!’s exclusive water-based attraction product “Cinesplash5D” can be experienced at the “Ningbo Hangzhouwan Dream Hotspring Water World” since a few weeks. Visitors await lots of unexpected special effects and impressions in the course of a 5D experience.


  • WeRobots welcome visitors at The Dubai Mall

    January 2015

    WeRobots, Attraktion!’s experience product for the entertainment, retail and leisure market, are showcased at The Dubai Mall.

    The Dubai Mall – one of the biggest shopping malls worldwide which features not only shopping but also a lot of entertainment areas is one attraction richer with WeRobots.

    As of late WeRobots move around the glamorous shopping mall in the heart of Dubai. On site they are interactively approaching and guiding its visitors. In addition WeRobots serve for infotainment providing information which customers are seeking.

  • InPark cover story about Attraktion! and its latest projects

    December 2014

    Explore the variety of Attraktion!’s product portfolio, its newly created attraction genres and Attraktion!s current projects in the latest InPark magazine issue:


  • Attraktion! at IAAPA 2014 showcasing a Dome Ride Theater preview

    November 2014

    Attraktion! joined the Intamin booth #3824 at the IAAPA show 2014 in Orlando. Visitors had the chance to explore a virtual preview of the Dome Ride Theater experience. This preview could have been experienced with the Oculus Rift Reality Kit.

  • Successful shows for Attraktion! in September 2014

    October 2014

    Attraktion!’s information & entertainment robot which belongs to the “WeRobots“ family moved around the A! booth and entertained the EAS show (23.-25. September) visitors. Moreover A! “Cineplash“ angels and “Playoke“ dancers catered for an edutaining atmosphere.
    Visitors had the chance to check out some of A! experience products made for leisure, entertainment and retail industry live by themselves at the A! EAS booth.

  • Attraktion! exhibits at EAS Amsterdam and the Hotelshow Dubai

    September 2014

    Attraktion! exhibits at the IAAPA show EAS (European Attractions Show) held at exhibition center “RAI Amsterdam“ from 23rd to 25th of September. Furthermore Attraktion! also has a booth at the Hotelshow in Dubai the same week from 28th to 30th of September.

  • Attraktion! exhibited its attraction product portfolio at AAE Bejing from 18 - 20 June 2014

    June 2014

    Several product launches have been celebrated incl. Dome Ride Theater product launch, Cinesplash 5D Waterpark Cinema and the We Robots brand for entertainment venues. To show Austrian Hospitality, we were flying in Austrian Food & Drinks and Austrian professional bartenders entertaining our guests.

  • Attraktion! welcomes new Game Development Director: Alexander Seifert

    March 2014

    Alex is a young professional with a Masters Degree in “Digital Media &
    Game Development”, with a strong background in software engineering and
    experiences in graphics design and web development.

    He worked in the games industry in international sales and in middleware
    development. Prior to joining Attraktion! Alex managed his own company in
    games technology and production.

  • “WeRobots“ performance @ EuroShop 2014 after its launch at MAPIC show

    February 2014

    After the successful launch of Attraktion!s newest product “WeRobots“ – representing a group of robots that act as entertaining personal guides and mobile customer support – at the MAPIC show 2013 in Cannes, WeRobots were moving around at the fair EuroShop 2014 in Düsseldorf (Germany) and fascinated its visitors.

    PLAYOKE Dance – the interactive group game experience – celebrated its American launch at the IAAPA show 2013 in Orlando. In addition new amazing PLAYOKE games will be launched within the next months...

  • Attraktion! to showcase products @ MAPIC and IAAPA trade shows in November

    October 2013

    In November Attraktion! will exhibit its brandnew and unique experience products at two exhibitions: “MAPIC” in Cannes and “IAAPA” in Orlando.

  • Eclectic Arts: Bernd Aichberger appointed Managing Director

    October 2013

    Bernd Aichberger, an Austrian citizen, has been appointed Managing Director of Eclectic Arts.

    He brings a wealth of experience in visualisation and concept design to the business. Prior to his appointment he worked as freelancer and was involved in several high-profile projects, all in the field of multimedia design.
    Bernd holds a masters degree from the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

  • Attraktion! @ EAS 2013 in Paris

    September 2013

    From 18th to 20th of September 2013 Attraktion! displays its unique experience product PLAYOKE Dance @ the IAAPA’s show European Attractions Show (EAS) at the Port de Versailles Convention Centre in Paris. For the very first time PLAYOKE Dance will be introduced to European entertainment and leisure markets. Theme & amusement parks, family entertainment centers and many more indoor attraction venues can watch a live performance of PLAYOKE Dance at the exhibition!

  • Attraktion! welcomes new Playoke Dance Sales Consultant: Alessandra Constantinescu

    July 2013

    Alessandra is a young professional with a Bachelors Degree in Communication and PR.

    She joined the Theme Park & Leisure Industry six years ago. She started her training with one of the leading German theming and animatronics manufacturing companies while continuing her career as sales manager for Alterface S.A. Belgium.

  • Attraktion! welcomes new Sales Assistant: Carina Kaltenleithner

    July 2013

    Carina is a young professional with a Masters Degree in “Innovation & Management in Tourism”.

    While studying, Carina worked for different companies in sales and promotion, while also gaining experience in PR and marketing.

  • Attraktion! with COTG & PLAYOKE Dance at AAE 2013 in Singapore

    June 2013

    Attraktion! exhibited for the first time at AAE Asia.

    The Chariots of the Gods project was presented to interested parties in licensing the brand “Chariots of the Gods” for their theme parks.

  • Launch of PLAYOKE Courses at FIBO show 2013 in Cologne

    April 2013

    At FIBO 2013 – the world’s leading international trade show for fitness, wellness & health – PLAYOKE Courses celebrated its product launch. PLAYOKE GmbH is majority-owned by Attraktion! GmbH. The booth of PLAYOKE has been a visitor magnet for professionals, but was also occupied by specialized press.

    Several TV stations were covering Playoke as the interactive standard of the industry! PLAYOKE Courses was directly presented to over 200 trade visitors from more than 25 countries who were highly enthusiastic about this interactive, virtual group fitness concept.

  • Markus Beyr spoke at IMERSA Summit, Denver/Colorado "Beyond the Dome"

    February 2013

    IMERSA is the world’s only association focusing on immersive attractions. Markus Beyr is member of its board of advisors and was invited to speak about Attraktion!’s actual projects at the yearly Summit in Denver, Colorado. The summit is a global gathering of some of the world’s most innovative leaders in immersive attractions.


  • EAP Magazine cover-story about Attraktion!

    January 2013

    European Amusement Professional wrote its current coverstory about Attraktion! GmbH and its unique portfolio of project developments and projects.

    You may read this article here.

    More articles about Markus Beyr’s work are available under:

  • Good progress on Sharjah’s man-made Islands development

    December 2012

    The first of the two man-made islands with artistic gardens in Sharjah/UAE is in late development stage and planned to be finished in January 2014.

  • Playoke: Showroom opened in Wels, Austria

    November 2012

    Playoke GmbH, innovation leader in gesture recognition for fitness & dance related B2B uses, opened its first showroom, in Wels, Austria to enable interested groups to experience Playoke outside a fitness studio.

  • Playoke Fitness Launch: First systems delivered!

    October 2012

    Playoke GmbH has delivered the first interactive group fitness systems to studios in Austria and Germany.

  • Playoke: Markus Beyr presents at the European Fitness Summit in Barcelona

    September 2012

    The European Business Summit brings together large groups of buyers and supplier in the fitness industry. Playoke presented its interactive group fitness system to wide acclaim!

  • Global Film Launch: Distribution of Ruin commenced

    August 2012

    Attraktion! signed with British film distributor The Juice to bring this exciting film to global audiences.

  • Development financing: Capital increase at craut interactive, Germany

    July 2012

    Attraktion! has increased its equity stake in the natural interaction specialist craut Interactive GmbH and has become the largest individual shareholder in the business.

  • Chariots of the Gods: Markus Beyr presents at China Theme Park and Resort Expansion Summit

    June 2012

    Attraktion! presented to a large number of interested developers and financiers the concept of Chariots of the Gods and its implementation in large theme parks. China is the largest and fastest growing market for theme parks.

  • New Product Launch: Playoke conquers world of fitness after world premiere in Germany

    May 2012

    Playoke GmbH, majority-owned by Attraktion! GmbH, successfully presented its first commercial B-2-B product "Playoke Fitness" at the world's largest dedicated fitness trade show, FIBO 2012, Germany. The response from both, end-customers and distributors was overwhelming and first orders were placed.
    Brandon Harris, fitness operator from the UK visited Playoke's booth and commented, "I was amazed to see your product at FIBO, I loved it and believe this could be a game changing concept for the fitness industry."

  • Markus Beyr acquires majority in Attraktion! Group

    February 2012

    Austrian Markus Beyr has acquired a controlling stake in the Attraktion! Group of Companies and has assumed the position of Managing Director with immediate effect. Markus, a 20-year veteran of the entertainment technology industry, considers Attraktion! as an ideal hub for realising his visions.

  • New project: Chariots of the Gods

    January 2012

    Attraktion! has been selected as the exclusive theme park advisor to the Chariots of the Gods-Fund. Chariots is a multi-slate Fund developing attractions, shows and other media based on the best-selling novel written by Erich von Daniken.

  • New investment: Playoke GmbH

    July 2011

    Attraktion! has founded Playoke GmbH together with strategic partners craut interactive GmbH and unknown? GmbH & Co. KG, both Germany-based specialists. Playoke is the world's first machine-vision based B-2-B business.