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! Dome Ride Theater


ATTRAKTION! developed this exciting new genre media based attraction, combining a dome theater experience in a sphere, with a ride!

Dome Ride Theater (patented) is a high-end product development between ATTRAKTION! and Intamin Amusement Rides, world leading manufacturer for Roller Coaster and Thrill Rides.

It represents the culmination of many years of experience in the creation of immersive 360° attractions, and combined with Intamin’s renowned background in building major thrilling attractions, Dome Ride Theater offers an exclusive and truly amazing experience.



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! Different locations through space and time


The attraction features a unique steel ride structure contained within an impressive full sphere projection theater. The aim is to involve the audience, so they are completely immersed into a 360-degree environment, providing realistic and thrilling experiences.

Giant seamless images, surround the audience, and they can be taken to different locations through space and time.

With a high capacity of 80 guests at a time, the experience is unique, thrilling, cost effective and one that will provide memories that last.

! Dome Ride Theater Features


 Age group: 8+

 16,6 m Sphere with moving platform

 Configuration: 80 seats in 2D

 6 K Resolution

 3D as option

 Seats platform ring: rotating & tilting (+/- 30 degrees, 60 degrees in total)

 Theater SFX: wind, vibration, water spray, neck blast

Dome Ride Theater Upcoming Projects

! Dome Ride Theater Xian & Kaihua, China


ATTRAKTION! and its partner Intamin have already signed two contracts for the most immersive and exciting new media based attraction format in the world called Dome Ride Theater.


The two projects are coming into the new theme park extention of Lewa Wonderland in Xian and into a new constuction site of the Chinese cartoon company Beetle near their head offices in Kaihua. The projected opening dates are 2020/2021


80 People sit on an elevated, rotating and tilting platform and get the most immersive experience ever (patented)