! Da Vinci's Touch


The true story behind Mona Lisa’s smile. Have a look at the Leonardo Da Vinci’s studio and meet his personal assistant. Their squabbles make the 5D ride starts. Have you ever seen a paint brush running across the most famous inventions in the world? Da Vinci’s Touch 5D is the 5D ride that will give the answers to these questions above and more. Meet the most famous genius in the world and his animated paint brush, participate in their arguments and prepare to run. Escaping on a bicycle from Leonardo’s clutches will show you all the artworks he has been working on. Da Vinci’s machineries - the real ones! - will help or obstruct you, while Leonardo will be trying to reach you. Fly above the room, be thrown from a catapult, climb into ancient helicopters and rush across a burning fireplace.



4D/5D Ride Film, stereoscopic HD 5.1 Audio
Runtime: 5 min

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