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! Markus Beyr

(Managing Director)


Markus Beyr is the Managing Director. In the leisure sector, he is considered one of the world’s leading attraction producers, with more than 200 attractions realized in the last 25 years. Active in global industry associations, he is a member of the IAAPA European Committee, the Themed Entertainment Association, and part of the IMERSA Board of Advisers.


He was entitled Media Master - IP magazine and Future of Entertainment – EAP magazine. Markus Beyr has been involved in successful projects for several theme parks and nearly 100 4D/5D attractions plus numerous dark rides, brand lands and full dome experiences: Marvel Superheroes 4D at Madame Tussauds London, Gardaland (Italy), Arthur 4D at Futuroscope (France), Swarovski Crystal World (Austria), Ancol (Indonesia) and City of Dreams, Macau (China).

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! Our Team


Ing. Max Wieland

Head of Systems Engineering

Mag. Bernd Aichberger

Creative Director

Marcelo Floriao

Film Licensing & Production

Based in US

Alexander Hinterdorfer

Project Manager & Head of Production

Norbert Rabinger

Project Manager     

Simon Hofer

Project Manager / Systems Development

Martin Heindl

Purchasing & Logistics

Peter Jaritz

Site Management

Thomas Märzendorfer

Software Development & Production

Emanuel Menzler

Audio Specialist & Site Installation

Wilfried Wolfschütz

Site Manager / Technician

Daniela Marica

Sachbeabeiter - Buchhaltung / Accounting

Niena Khilosia

Executive Assistant, Marketing & Sales

Angelo Rigotti

We Robots Sales Director

Kris Sun

Interpreter / Translator

based in Shanghai

Ing. Hans-Peter Schaffner

Attraction Architecture

Martin Kienmeyer

FX Technical Director & Unity 3D Developer

Philipp Penco

3D Character Artist

Rozemarijn Spanjaard

3D Generalist

Konstantina Vonorta

Film & Media Production Coordinator

Lara Zacco

Graphic Artist

Michael Tangl

Assembling & Installation

Carsten Rieder

Site Manager